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We're Datacy and we help people like you manage, share and get paid for your data - simply and securely.

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You're more than a datapoint. Your searches spark innovation. Your footprint moves brands forward. When you browse you create influence. Its time for you to benefit from it.

You Create Data.

We Help You Manage

And Profit From It

Datacy is

more than a digital tool

that gets you paid.

We put you in charge of your data by giving you the

tools to manage

it, the

power to control

who uses it and the

opportunity to earn

money every time you share it.

Here's How It Works

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We'll anonymize your data, combine it with other users, and turn it into valuable insights that brands want to pay for

Enjoy Your Well Deserved Royalties

Take the insights we help you create and share what you want with your chosen brands for profit
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What Matters

Dig in to every aspect of the data you create. Your personalized dashboard provides

in-depth details into all the details.


Every Bit

Manage, control and delete

the data you collect. Restrict what gets collected and who gets to use it.

Influence For


Decide how your data should be used. Earn money to

inspire the next innovation

from the brands you love.

Collaborate to


Maximize your earning

potential by seamlessly integrating datacy with your favorite apps.

Your Data Is A Serious Matter,

So We Take You Seriously

With multi-layer security for your data and full transparency within our products, you can browse safely, knowing that we and every business we work with values you and your privacy.

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