fbAbout Datacy  |  You decide what to do with your data

We’re building a community to shake up the system.

That data is scraped and stored by unknown data brokers, sold to some mysterious companies and analyzed without us really having much say in the matter. We believe that’s fundamentally wrong, so we built Datacy.
Datacy is redistributing wealth with a new kind of data exchange - one where everyday people get a cut of the profits their data helps generate. If that sounds like something you believe in, join us.

It all starts with better values

Our mission is to put you in charge of your data, and we’re driven by three simple principles as our promise to you.

You own your data

Your actions created the data, so you get to decide who can access it and what can be done with it.

Transparency for all actions

You will always see what we do with your data. Every action is transparent and visible.

Your privacy is our priority

We put your privacy first, encrypting, anonymizing and protecting you and your data - forever.