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Your dataTells a storyDrives innovationInspires brandsUncovers trendsGets you paidTells a story

We put you in charge of your data by giving you the tools to manage it, the power to control who uses it, and the opportunity to earn money every time you share.

How it works


Datacy to your browser and apps.


While we keep your data anonymous.


Who can access your data and for what.


Money by inspiring new innovations.

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We’re transforming the data game by giving you a choice
Your data is bought and sold everyday, but you never see a cent. We’re building a better platform where users get paid for sharing their data and brands get access to unparalleled insights. It’s community-powered data for everyone. Are you in?
Explore what matters
Dig in to every aspect of your data. Your dashboard provides all the details you need.

Let your databuild your wealthsave you moneyhelp you improvemake you smarterbuild your wealth

We help turn your data into your asset. And the more data you gather, the more insights Datacy gives you, enabling you to make smarter decisions online.

Your security is our priority

We work hard to make sure your data is secure, so you can browse safely knowing that we and every brand we work with values you and your privacy.