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Are all those cookie-opt-outs leaving you with lower visibility into your customer behavior?

Get the certainty you need to target your ad spend with Datacy's customer insights platform. Our 2.5 million consented users provide unparalleled 360° visibility into buyer behavior. Track their journeys, get insights and watch the trends.


Achieve a higher ROI on your marketing efforts

Dig deeper into the “why” and “how” your target customers make decisions. Our next gen research tech supports brands and agencies by uncovering insights that no one else has access to, with real user behavior, insights, trends, and events that drive the next steps for your brand, product or market.

Increase ROI on media spend

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Reduce acquisition cost

What makes us unique

Brand & Topic Tracking

Utilize metrics like brand health, awareness, and campaign performance to ensure a high return on investment for all marketing activities.

Authentic Data

Access to 100% consented real user stories, new behaviors, and events that drive What's next for your brand, product, and market.

Competitor & Market Analysis

Access target customers' real-time interactions with competitor brands and products to capitalize on untapped opportunities and increase your market share.

Customer Personas

Discover untapped consumer segments while staying abreast of shifting consumer values, interests, and behaviors with comprehensive data analysis.

Customer Journeys

Get a complete and accurate understanding of the “why” behind every action your target customers take by analyzing millions of behavior touch points across the web.

Trends identification

Identify trends in search terms, user interests, and purchase behavior that will allow your message to stay highly relevant - so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

Sentiment analysis

Uncover new sentiments and intent indicators to maximize conversations through product, marketing, or sales strategies.

Surveys & Questionnaires

Combine real-time behavior data with qualitative research intelligence through targeted questions and surveys, helping you dig deeper into the “why” and “how” your customers make decisions.

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