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Billed yearly for a 12 month-tracking panel

Our basic plan includes

300 consented MTCs

(Monthly tracked customers)

1 persona tracking panel wth real-time insights and analytics

Additional MTCs: $12/MTC


Billed yearly for a 12 month-tracking panel

Our growth plan includes

750 consented MTCs

(Monthly tracked customers)

Up to 2 persona tracking panels with real-time insights and analytics

10 survey questions/MTC

Additional MTCs: $10/MTC

Additional surveys: $.50/question/MTC


Billed yearly for a 12 month-tracking panel

Our enterprise plan includes

5000 consented MTCs

(Monthly tracked customers)

Up to 5 persona tracking panels with real-time insights and analytics

50 survey questions/ MTC

Additional MTCs: $8/MTC

Additional surveys: $.40/question/MTC

Design partnership

Help us learn more about your journey and your company's insights needs. Join us as a Design Partner and save up to 80% on your plan.

Survey offer

For a limited time, we are offering surveys for as little as $.40 cents per response.

Uncover insights that no
one else has access to



3 000 000

Consumers and growing


Degree Visibility

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Unlock insights. Observe buyer behavior. Identify and covert your most profitable customers

Meet your buyers where they are

Target them with the right product features and messaging

Increase Average Order Value and reduce drop-offs

Find the right upsell approach

Q1 Insights report - Online spend

Millennials now represent the largest living generation in the U.S, making up a third of the population. With the U.S. also having over 110 million Gen Z's, any business that wants to understand the next era of consumerism cannot ignore young people's spending habits. Download our report and get invaluable insights on online spending trends for Q1.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about our plans or pricing structure, get in touch with our team

How is Datacy priced?

Datacy's pricing is based on a flexible, consumption-based model. In general, you'll be billed according to the number of consumers you track each month within your target persona panels. Your chosen plan will include a set number of MTCs, and if you exceed that limit, you'll be charged an additional fee.

What is a Monthly Tracked Consumer (MTC)?

A Monthly Tracked Consumer (MTC) is an individual user that you monitor as part of your Target Persona Panel during a calendar month. Each user is identified by a unique Datacy-generated ID and is counted when they trigger one or more events in that month.

How many MTCs should I have in my tracking panel?

For effective use of Datacy, we recommend a minimum of 300 MTCs per panel. This ensures sufficient data collection and a representative sample of your target audience. Keep in mind, though, that the margin of error varies depending on your specific target audience and the type of insights you are looking to generate. Our team is happy to help you design the perfect panel to match your needs.

What if I need more MTCs than my plan allows?

Your selected plan will include a specific number of MTCs. If you need more MTCs, you can easily add them through your dashboard on a monthly basis. Since our pricing is consumption-based, you'll be charged an extra fee for the additional MTCs you add during that month.

Are there any special pricing or discounts available?

Absolutely! The Datacy Design Partnership Plan offers an 80% discount on our paid Growth and Enterprise plan features. Contact our team to tailor the perfect plan for your needs.