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Consumer FAQs

What is Datacy?

Datacy is a browser extension that can be used to collect and share personal data.The Datacy extension gives users complete control over when data is collected and who it is shared with. The extension also provides users with monetization opportunities by matching them with brands looking to better understand customer behaviors. All data collected by Datacy is aggregated and anonymized, ensuring that every user's privacy is protected.

How does Datacy work?

As you enable our Chrome extension to browse the internet, Datacy collects and aggregates your browsing data and anonymizes it so brands can learn more about your browsing behaviors. As we match your data with brands, you are compensated. The more you share, the more likely you are to be matched with brands and placed on panels and the higher your earning potential becomes.

Is my country supported?

Currently Datacy is only supported in the following countries: The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. However, we plan to support more countries in the near future.

I live in multiple places within each year. What location should I use to sign up for Datacy?

In terms of location residency, we mean the longer term physical location (country) that you are located in.

It says on the home page of the dashboard that I have to connect a bank account. Is that true even if I want to use Paypal?

Connecting your bank account is for people using Stripe for payments. If you are using PayPal you can disregard that and just connect your PayPal account. With PayPal, you can use it without linking a bank account to receive money from Datacy, other businesses, or individuals. However, to withdraw money from PayPal you would need to connect PayPal to a bank account.

On what platforms is Datacy available?

We don’t currently have plans to add a Safari Extension but will consider it in the future. Chrome extension + API via YouTube/Reddit/Twitter. Regarding other browser extensions and native mobile, we don’t currently have plans to make these available but we will consider doing so in the future.

Can you provide the link to the Chrome extension?

How do I set up a Stripe Account so I can get paid for my data?

A: Here are the steps for setting up a Stripe account: Log into your dashboard at https://personal.datacy.com/login Click on "Sales & Activity" on the left side of the page Click the "Connect" button to the right of the words "connect bank account via Stripe" Fill out your name and link it to your bank account or debit card Despite the wording on the Stripe website, you do not need to be a business to set up an account with them. Just ignore the business wording and set up an account using your personal information.

How much will I earn?

A: Your earnings will vary based on how much data you decide to share as well as how you are matched with brands looking for your data/persona. Many of our consumers earn $30+ per month, and we are working on additional features to help our community earn more. Please note that your earnings are also dependent on whether you are actively using the chrome extension to collect the data. The more you collect and share, the more likely you will be matched with brands. Remember, you always have full control over what data you share and restrict. Here are recommendations to earn more money: Make sure you actively have the chrome extension turned on Connect your account to Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. To do this, log into https://personal.datacy.com/login, click on "Apps" on the left side of the screen, and connect your Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit.

Where do I see how much I’ve earned?

In the extension you can see "Data collected today" listed. To track your payments and see how much you have earned click on dashboard in the bottom right of the extension, and in the dashboard click on Sales and Activity from the options on the left.

Is there a minimum earning amount before I can get paid?

Payments are done in $30 increments meaning that you have to earn $30 before you can make a withdrawal request.

Will I see earnings in real-time as I browse the internet?

Your earnings are not a real-time meter related to how much you browse. It is true that the more you browse, the higher the opportunity that your data will be matched with brands. However, earnings are assessed weekly based on whether your data is sold/matched with a brand and your data has to be sold/matched first before it is reflected in your earnings. So if you aren't seeing a change or you seem to be earning less than before, either earnings have not been assessed yet for the week, your data has not been matched with a brand, or you were previously matched with a different brand that was paying a different rate for your data.

How does payment work?

When it comes to getting paid for sharing data on the Datacy browser extension, we currently do payouts through Stripe (in the U.S.) and PayPal. You can choose to be paid weekly or bi-monthly automatically, or you can request payments manually.

What are the available payment frequency options?

If you wish to set up autopayments so you don’t have to manually request a payment, there are two options. Autopayments trigger a transfer whenever their balance >= $30 either once a week or twice a month according to your preferences. If autopayments are turned off you can immediately trigger a payment manually whenever your balance is >=$30 and it will be processed on the Datacy side within 24 hours.

How long will it take for my payout to reach my bank account?

Payment wait times are based largely on Stripe and PayPal, since they have to process the payments after receiving them from Datacy. For both the auto-payment and manual payment options, once the money is transferred from Datacy to Stripe, it can take 3-10 business days for the money to be completely processed and show up in your bank account. For more info directly from Stripe regarding processing times Currently we are processing PayPal payouts weekly if they are scheduled. After we process it, the money usually shows instantly or within minutes in your PayPal account, however, PayPal processing times can vary depending on the country. For more information on PayPal payments and processing times. If your PayPal payouts are not scheduled and you are manually requesting them each time, we will process them within 24 hours.