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Consumer FAQs

I’m seeing a message that I need to verify my PayPal account. How do I do that?

Log into your Datacy account: Via the Datacy extension Head to the Dashboard: You’ll find it at the bottom right of the extension. Open your profile: Click on the person icon at the top right of the dashboard. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Click on Payment Information: Then hit the disconnect button next to PayPal. Verify your US/UK bank account with PayPal: Just a few steps to follow below. Reconnect your PayPal: Jump back into your Datacy settings and follow the reconnection instructions. Steps to verify your bank account with PayPal: Log into PayPal and navigate to ‘Wallet’. Select 'Link a bank account' and follow the simple steps to add your bank details. Complete PayPal’s verification process to finalize.

What happens if any information I provide is false?

If we discover that any provided information is false, we reserve the right to remove you from the community, which will affect your earnings. In cases where false information is provided consistently, we may block and remove your account.

What information is required to set up an account with Datacy?

You must provide essential demographic information (e.g., age, gender, ethnicity) as part of the account setup process. We cannot match you to any community unless this information is provided. To enhance your chances of being matched with brand communities, you are encouraged to provide additional psychographic details. The more detailed and accurate this information, the better we can tailor community matches to your profile.

Can I use Datacy on my phone?

Datacy is designed for desktop and laptop use, but it can still collect data from mobile apps like YouTube and Reddit. Connecting these apps boosts your earning potential by enhancing your behavior profile for better community matching.

How do I earn with Datacy?

Datacy lets you earn by sharing your anonymized data with brands. By matching your behavior to brand needs, you join communities and contribute to valuable insights, earning money based on your activity. You will be notified when your data is matched and shared. The more brand communities you’re a part of, the higher your earning potential.

What are your policies regarding privacy and data protection?

Privacy and Data Protection: Your privacy and data protection are paramount to us. You control what data is collected and how it’s shared. You can pause data collection, restrict it on any website, or delete your data collected at any time. You can also control how your data is shared with our brand partners. If you wish to restrict sites click on “Dashboard” in the bottom right of the extension and in the dashboard click on “Privacy” from the options on the left. To delete specific data that has been collected, click on “Insights” above “Privacy” in the dashboard. Scroll down to the data categories. Click on an arrow > that pertains to a specific category that you want to delete. Then next to a specific site click “Remove”. For more details, please refer to our Privacy and Data Policy.

What happens to my collected data?

Your data is collected as you browse. Once it has been collected you can view it in your account by opening the dashboard in the bottom right of the extension and scrolling to where it says Data collected. All this data is housed in our platform but managed by you. You can pause data collection, restrict it on certain websites, or delete your data collected at any time. We DO NOT SHARE your data with any brands that we partner with until we have found a match, and then it is shared automatically.

What is Datacy?

Meet Datacy, a free Chrome extension that turns data sharing into your new side hustle. Collect, share, and earn from your data—because it's time companies paid you for accessing your digital life! Available exclusively on the Chrome Web Store, Datacy lets you control when and how your data is collected and shared. It matches you with brands seeking to understand consumer behaviors, creating opportunities to monetize your online activity. Your data is anonymized and aggregated, ensuring your privacy is protected while you earn from your browsing activities.

How does Datacy work?

Datacy seamlessly integrates with your desktop browser, collecting and anonymizing your browsing data while protecting your personal information like name, address, emails, and credit card details. As you browse, Datacy matches your anonymized data with brands interested in your behaviors, placing you in communities where you can earn based on your online activities. Your Datacy dashboard shows the data collected and lets you manage what you share. View your matches and manage your data easily within the intuitive interface.

Is my country supported?

Datacy is currently available in the United States and the United Kingdom. We are working to expand support to other countries soon. If you use a VPN to access Datacy from outside these regions, we may terminate your access and you will not be eligible for data rewards. Any mistaken payments due to location errors will be reclaimed. If you're outside the U.S. or U.K. and interested in Datacy, join our waitlist to be notified when we expand to your region.

On what browsers is Datacy available?

Datacy is a Chrome extension compatible with the Chrome browser . Regarding other browser extensions and native mobile, we don’t currently have plans to make these available but we will consider doing so in the future.

Can you provide the link to the Chrome extension?

Is there a minimum earning amount before I can get paid?

Payment threshold: You need to hit a minimum of $30 in earnings in order to withdraw.

How does payment work?

Payment Methods: Datacy uses third-party payment providers such as PayPal and Stripe. These companies have their own processing times, and you acknowledge that Datacy cannot be held responsible for any delays associated with these third parties.

What are the available payment frequency options?

If you wish to set up autopayments so you don’t have to manually request a payment, there are two options. Autopayments trigger a transfer whenever your balance >= $30 either once a week or twice a month according to your preferences. If autopayments are turned off you can immediately trigger a payment manually whenever your balance is >=$30.

How long does it take to process payments?

Processing times for payments vary depending on the chosen payment method. Stripe and PayPal payments may take 14-21 business days to reach your bank account.