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How Abililife used Datacy to discover hidden opportunities in the market

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Abililife is dedicated to improving the lives of senior citizens and those dealing with neuromuscular conditions. By offering revolutionary biomedical technology designed to boost stability, posture, and overall well-being, they're on a mission to provide an invaluable aid for reinvigorating clients' everyday experiences.

The challenge

In order to better understand the consumer landscape beyond its traditional target audience, Abililife sought market insights. Having a premium product at a higher price point meant they needed to understand their current target customers better and where to expand their market next.

Our approach

Defined a cohort of consented individuals based on age, geographic location, income level, behavior and interests to track their online habits and overall customer experience journey, representing mass buyer behavior.

Produced monthly tracking reports of customer behavior, including trend reports of men vs. women purchasing behaviors, customer journey maps, keywords, and other insightful data to help define target customer buying habits.

Provided real-time insight into customer journey relating to specific purchase habits of individuals surrounding related and competing products and services.

Provided notification when trends were identified and shifting in the market.

Provided analysis to help the client understand why there are shifts and what action should be taken.

Provided analysis of online journey versus the competitor's online journey

How the consumer engages with competitor sites, offering more insight into the competitor's purchase journey for customers.

By leveraging Datacy insights, we initially set out to develop an eCommerce strategy. The data revealed a fascinating insight: the customer base we were focusing on wasn't our ideal target market! This discovery revolutionized our approach and enabled us to forge entirely new strategies for success.

Courtney Williamson, Ph.D., Founder & CEO at Abililife

The impact

New market identification

Discovery of new market (corporate customers) through 360° real-time consumer behavior tracking

Sales increase by 25%

25% increase in sales revenue by tapping into the new lucrative business of bulk purchases

New sales strategy

Bespoke sales strategy to capture new markets, leading to increased output and reduced costs

Deep market knowledge

Gaining a deep understanding of the market through unrivalled competitor and buyer journey analysis

Partnering with Datacy has been a real game changer. The platform is transforming our understanding of customers. With the insights offered, we can access hidden markets that would have otherwise gone unnoticed – and this new-found knowledge has proven to be invaluable for us! Our sales figures are a testament to its success.

Courtney Williamson, Ph.D., Founder & CEO at Abililife

Our service

Access to our community of 2.5 million consumers and growing

Bespoke persona identification and matching

Consumer cohort provision and maintenance

Access to Monthly Tracked Customers (MTC)

Competitor engagement and analysis

Detailed analysis of consumer buying journeys

Trend and sentiment identification and analysis

360° real-time insight into consumer behavior

Targeted surveys linked to observed behavior

Thanks to our partners at Datacy, we are now able to gain access and insight into previously unknown markets. This newfound knowledge has been extremely beneficial for us; as a result of this partnership, we have gained invaluable understanding regarding both the industry and customers alike — leading directly to improved sales! Our collaboration with them truly is transforming how our business operates.

Courtney Williamson, Ph.D., Founder & CEO at Abililife